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You & Your Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra

I honor the Divine within me and all living things.

The Crown Chakra is our source of enlightenment and spiritual connection to our divine selves,

to every sentient being, and to the energy that creates everything on the planet.







Emotional State:

Bliss, Reaction



~lack of inspiration



~excessive materialism

~lack of spiritual connection





Physical Imbalances:


~sensitivity to light(also 3rd eye)

~Sensitivity to sound

~poor sleep habits


~tension headaches


Some of the work when healing the Crown chakra deals with the color Violet.



No food connected to this Chakra it is nourished with our Spiritual practices. Its foods are…

Meditation, prayer and self-reflection.

With knowing this the crown chakra calls us when we are in spiritual transition finding our way out of a religion going into a religion or when a daily spiritual practice is necessary.



Shiva, Zeus, Allah, Amen








One of the exercises I teach for the Crown chakra is Stilling your thoughts Meditation.

For Intimacy connections to the Crown chakra click here


*Available for Healing and Intimacy Consulting online and in person.



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