Throat Chakra

I express myself with grace and integrity.

I communicate effectively with everyone I meet.

Working with the throat chakra helps verbalize our needs, desires, and opinions.

Being truthful to self and others.


Communication, Creativity(also sacral)

Emotional State:

Personal Power, Slavery


~difficulty communicating

~difficulty expressing feelings

~indecision(my imbalance as an empath/healer)

~mood swings

Physical Imbalances:

~Thyroid problems

~sore throat

~stiff neck

~tooth or gum ailments


~hearing problems(challenges with energy centers in between the 3rd eye and throat can also be the issue)


Some of the work when healing Throat Chakra issues uses the color Blue


Eat foods that are the color blue

blueberries, kelp, blue currants, dragon fruit I also feel we can get away with blackberries too.


Hermes, Ganga, Sarasvati, All Muses(raising my hand)

Some may not agree but I also add Herukhuti and Maat to this group due to their placement on the tree of life as well as how their energy flows with personal power and self-expression.



One of the exercises I teach for the throat chakra is chanting.

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