Solar Plexus

The Solar Plexus is your Power it has a connection with your throat at times which can also be looked at as your will and how you go out and take on the world.


Will, Power, Assertiveness, Transformation

Emotional State

Laughter, Joy, Anger


~Low Self-Esteem

~Difficulty making decisions

~Control Issues

~Anger Issues

~Fear of Rejection

Physical Indicators

~weak digestion




~weight gain

~weight Loss

Some of the work when healing the Solar Plexus deals with the color yellow-orange, yellow and yellow green.


Bananas(eat bananas that are greener to control glycemic intake), yellow peppers, corn(this is a grain/fruit/vegetable with kinda fruit glycemic), turmeric(good for root, sacral and solar plexus), Ginger(root/sacral/solar Plexus), Cinnamon(also a root).

Starches can throw this energy out of balance….


Wands/Staves of course ……. Passion Power Fire force.

Ra of course, Sebek and Het-Heru (they share this plexus different sides of the tree of life), Apollo.


One of the exercises I teach to help heal the Solar Plexus is The Breath of Fire.

Some of the Sensual work for this can be a lil kinky check that out here.

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