The 3rd Eye

Your third eye influences self-reflection, intuition, and clarity of sight.

The third eye has a connection with the Diamond(clitoris) which is connected to the sacral chakra.




Seeing, Intuition



~Poor intuition

~lack f concentration

~impaired judgment




Physical Imbalances:






~blurred vision(this also can be due to much sugar in the system that also will affect the 3rd eye, Clarity)



Some of the work when healing the 3rd eye deals with the color Indigo and I also have noticed sometimes people may see the color black or purple.



Eat Indigo or dark purple foods….

Blackberries, purple kale, grapes, raisins and figs

Psychedelics: Mushrooms, Peyote and other Entheogens




Krishna, Tara, Tehuti, Ifa, I also feel Seker he/she sits across form Tehuti on the tree of life at the place of the 6th chakra and is all about stillness and controlling thoughts.






Jupiter, Neptune


One of the exercises I teach for awakening the 3rd eye is Visualization Meditation.


For an Intimacy Connection to the 3rd eye click Here.




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