First I have to say I am not an expert on BDSM and do not live the BDSM lifestyle fulltime and haven’t in almost 10yrs when I was a sub to my Daddy. This wasn’t really like a 50 shades of grey experience I don’t feel truly Im not sure…. I didn’t see the movie only the spoof with Marlon Wayans in it. Hilarious! Well my story was I was a weak little girl that needed Daddy to take care of her. Daddy took good care of me and I performed his every sexual sensual desire. This was a process that worked for me bonded collared where I knew I was safe and never would be deserted. A feeling of security with an expansion of sexual sensual education. The cleanest way I can describe it if we are wanting to be clean. Lol

So this leads me into a few reasons that people desire a BDSM sub relationship.

1 a feeling of needing security

2 a need to feel like someone else is in charge because of a demanding dominant job…manager CEO etc.

3. And just the good old fashion love of pain and restraint. (Desire to be disciplined)

Me I I think when Im involved in a submissive experience its all 3 of these on any given day. Also, a dominant sub relationship can be unhealthy when people are living in a victim victimizing place. This usually won’t last forever mental, emotional and or physical abuse eventually transforms with it without universal consent. It lasts just as long as a couple is stuck in the growth process pain and strain leads to growth usually if not it leads to trauma. This being said BDSM is a healing energy well in my eyes anyway. So who are you open to submitting to?

Don’t forget to enter the BDSM contest to win the prize pack. Sexy is empowering and doing it together is growth talk to you soon.