Ok so I have had some questions on how to last longer without ejaculating … think of engaging in whatever exercises best calm you down be that TaiChi, yoga, jogging, weight lifting, soft music, meditation or deep breathing. Before you get close to exploding think of that activity and relax your mind gaining control over your thoughts. Some feel you should think of things that do not excite you sexually but why take yourself out of the pleasure zone and risk a limp penis. Taking yourself to a semi relaxed state can calm your sensual stimulating reflexes of wanting to explode… relaxes muscles lowers blood pressure soothes pulse delaying ejaculation.

First things first Know thyself…Know your body as it functions sexually, know at what point you are so overwhelmed sexually that you blow off? What does it feel like when you are at that point of crossing that OMG threshold? Keep track from 1-10 1 being limp 10 being orgasm realizing what a 7-8 feels like because that’s where you are still in control but still feeling wonderful pleasure.

Practice by masturbating…paying attention to what you are feeling get to that 7 mark then stop then pay attention and allow yourself to drop down to a 6 and so on don’t allow yourself  to go all the way down to a 4 or less. At a 5 or 6 and stimulate again while still erect…try to hit a 7 or 8 again then pause. Practice multiple times until you feel you have gotten a hold of things then try with a lover.

Allow your lover to stimulate with their hands letting them know how tight to grip, how fast or slow to go and pay attention to how excited you become. Know when they should stop first time you try this have them stop at a 3 or 4 orgasmic level then next time try a 5 or 6 then later try to go as far as a 7 without leasing.

When you feel comfortable with your love just using their hands try and switch to hand and mouth stimulation always paying attention to your levels of excitement. Then move up the ladder to actual intercourse but try with a least stimulating position where you can control the pace and depth. Practice this as much as you would like using a start stop method Start and stop four times and then the fifth time allow yourself to have an orgasmic release.

Also strengthening the PC muscles pubococcygeus, kegels for men is a way to help last longer in bed. It doesn’t just stop the flow of urine it stops the flow of semen. Phallus flexing some call it, but the process is like you are taking a wiz and someone walks in on you OMG ok stop that flow and then let it go…Stop that flow then let it go! Do this 20 times holding 1sec each time do this exercise 3 times a day for 3wks it can be done anytime any where and can even be done while you are inside your love, but that’s all around another subject. Lol

For the more advanced exercise try

doing 30x.. holding for 10sec ea… 5sec tensing and 5sec releasing

Then when in a self pleasure place and you start to feel an orgasm tense muscles and hold for 10 sec

If muscles are strong enough and timing just right you can stop your ejaculation. Lets not look at it as work fellas lets have fun with it…Practice makes lasting pleasure for you and her, and we all like that Yes?

Try this practice with your partner male/lady kegel or get this workout out in on your own.

Till Next time Beloveds







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