Tickling… Pleasure? Or Torture? Or Healing?



This question can cause mixed signals… It can go real quick to liking it and laughing, to wanting it to stop and for some it can even be Please! Please! don’t stop I  wanting more.


Laughter has been an age-old tantra practice to help open up, regulate and heal our energy centers also known as our chakras related mostly  to our Solar Plexus.

Laughter meditation when you first wake up. Keep your eyes closed and just start laughing remember don’t open your eyes. This can seem challenging in the beginning, but if you keep practicing you will feel rejuvenated and it can become a natural part of your waking.

Laughing meditation practice can also be done during the day in a sitting or standing position.  FYI if you are feeling fake or phony laughing seemingly for no reason you can practice this exercise by listening to comedy on audio or watching your favorite stand up comedian or comedy show. This exercise builds the solar plexus that when in a state of dis-ease can create challenges within the pancreas stomach and other parts of the digestive system. Manifesting ailments in the body such as diabetes the joyless dis-ease as well as bowel and digestion dysfunction.

Wait….. how can this affect our sex lives you my ask? Well feeling the need to protect our will and self-esteem we may do things that add weight to our mid area creating the challenge of obesity, creating challenges of self-worth feelings of not seeing ones self as beautiful as well as shortness of breath creating sluggish behavior in and outside of the bedroom. Endurance struggles then affecting the lower chakras causing possible infertility and/or erectile dysfunction. All the things that we may not have thought affected our sex life does and can and usually starts with our energy bodies. The unseen then creates matter in the physical.

So is Tickling Torture or Pleasure guess that depends on the person, but laughing is healing so I am going to tickle you “no matter” if your tortured or not! Deal with it! ~Madame Magi

Safety Note before doing anything where there will be extremes or restraints always have a safe word. This makes it undeniable when stopping is desired or necessary. With the safe word we don’t get the signals crossed with a soft no that sounds more like this no no yes O no I mean no please stop …Yes yes yes orgasm. Lol

Also when I do this work we have a chat before session as part of the session in what the client would like to manifest in their lives due to heightened emotions with guided visualization is powerful.

All in all laughing can be a powerful creating and healing tool working mostly with our solar plexus so we are doing more than just the average BDSM we are putting in position ways to change your whole outlook on life as we heal ourselves and lover thru Sensual awakening.





*Maybe you and your partner would like to add tickling to your playroom if so add these products to your list feathers and restraints. If you would like someone to take you thru a tickling session feel free to contact me.



P.S P.S no session is a sexual encounter meaning there will be no sex involved in any one on one session.