The Magic of the Clitoris

What is the clitoris? It is a part of the female genitals some may look at it as being similar to the penis, but the clitoris has around 8,000 nerve endings double the amount of the tip of the penis. Like the penis the clitoris fills up with blood and becomes erect, but the penis transports semen as well as urine the clitoris on the other hand transports nothing out of the body it is strictly a pleasure organ. The only organ created in the human body strictly just for pleasure Whaaat! The human body is amazing but the female body has the only organ designed just to create pleasure hmmm wonder why?*  The most sexually magnified spot on a woman  some women can only have an orgasm during clitoral stimulation alone due to different reasons, but definitely because it is the most sensitive.

If we are new to knowing the clitoris it may be a challenge finding it and of course that is possible just because the majority of the clitoris is inside the woman’s body that can be almost 8in long.  Only ¾ in to even 2in or more can be seen depending on a woman’s external clitoris is size and it can vary. A woman’s external part of the clitoris can still be not that easy to find not only because of the size but also because it is very comfy underneath the clitoral hood. Even though it is hidden beneath its very special hood when aroused the clitoris fills up with blood and can double in size. It turns a blush color to even a deep red or purple when aroused but the size or color doesn’t signify the amount of sensitivity just that the arousal.

Now let’s get into how to pleasure the clitoris…This of course is different in each and every woman. Some like it like this and some like it like that…some woman the clitoris is a challenge to locate and in others it is sticking out of the labia majora(the outer lips of the vagina). The first thing I suggest in knowing how to stimulate the clitoris in your lady is just ask her maybe? If that isn’t possible due to shyness or the want to pleasure without feeling like you are incapable then I suggest listen to the other pleasure signs. Arching of the back curling or pointing of the toes, moaning, shaking, and so many more depending on the individual. Practice touching her in other places and study her responses when she is excited that way when you have pulled back the hood and uncovered the pink bunny you will know when the pleasure buttons are being pushed.

We can go deeper in what steps can be used to pleasure her but let’s save that for another blog. How wonderful the Science of Sex is and so much more to learn.

Clitoris is connected to sacral chakra work and the 3rd eye we call it the diamond in Shakti Pakti Tantra.

*Pleasure the emotion that easily can create what the person desires…per sensual awakening..per sexual manifestation.