You & Your 3rd Eye Chakra

The 3rd Eye Your third eye influences self-reflection, intuition, and clarity of sight. The third eye has a connection with the Diamond(clitoris) which is connected to the sacral chakra.     Function: Seeing, Intuition   Imbalances: ~Poor intuition ~lack f concentration ~impaired judgment ~confusion ~depression   Physical Imbalances: ~Headaches ~insomnia ~nightmares ~blindness ~eyestrain ~blurred vision(this also can be due to much sugar in the system that also will affect the.. Read More

To cum or not to cum… a practice for men

Ok so I have had some questions on how to last longer without ejaculating … think of engaging in whatever exercises best calm you down be that TaiChi, yoga, jogging, weight lifting, soft music, meditation or deep breathing. Before you get close to exploding think of that activity and relax your mind gaining control over your thoughts. Some feel you should think of things that do not excite you sexually but why.. Read More