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sacral work


Unbalanced sacral energy: resentful, guilty, controlling, jealous… addictions, hormone imbalance, impotence, frigidity, uterine bladder or kidney challenges, low back stiffness pain, female reproduction ailments… depression, fear, pain, withdrawn


Sacral nerves … Sacral ganglion… lower abdomen genitals womb...

challenges… infertility, menstrual problems, digestive problems, anemia.. etc

Those that work in the sensual awakening, sex edu and tantra field most have a strong practice with the sacral chakra
 Ovaries, testicles, womb, genitals, kidney, bladder, circulatory system(mammary glands, skin)
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Cervical Orgasm

The Cervix, The Cervix, The Cervix…  O MY!

A question came to me about my experiences with cervical orgasms so I decided to do a Q&A….

My experiences on cervical orgasms are they can be beautiful and very healing. As the pic shows below the cervix is connected to our energy center that vibrates love for others, kindness, self love and a few others that I will talk about at a later date, but the tip of the penis is connected to that heart center too… Spirituality Sexuality and healing of the human body. If we are stimulating the cervix the sensitive tip of the penis is what is causing the stimulation and heart centers are vibing together.

With this being said not only is the heart center being stimulated and in some people the sexual pleasure is heightened but now we are shaking things up in our aura bodies. If he or she or even she and she* has lessons to learn in this place during this lifetime things are going to start to surface, and not necessarily at this very moment but believe me its possible. Feelings of complete bliss, happiness, overwhelming orgasms could take place or even tears, sadness or rejection could happen depending on what the person is going through.

Now please don’t let this deter you from a wonderful experience if this is something you do enjoy but the work that I do is all about sensual awakening. I say this because I enjoy action of sex but it also has propelled me to places that I didn’t innerstand so if you are married or in a long term relationship that is willing to go through the ups and downs with you then awesome if not then having a close friend, tantra consultant, or a therapist is a yes yes yes too.

Here is a short video check it out…


*P.S just because I speak on him and her connections does not mean that I leave out lesbian or gay connections as well. With this particular Q&A it only deals with the female and cervical penetration that can be done alone with a tantric wand/dildo, with a male and female partner using his penis as well as a lesbian couple also using a strap on, dildo, or cervix stimulating toy.

Also for those that would like to be a little more advanced yoni eggs play during this time can enhance the sensation and the healing.

Oh also if you have pain during cervical sex please discontinue, this includes deep penetration with a penis or dildo and wait a couple of days. If it continues please go see your health care provider for further assistance.