You & Your Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra I express myself with grace and integrity. I communicate effectively with everyone I meet. Working with the throat chakra helps verbalize our needs, desires, and opinions. Being truthful to self and others. Function: Communication, Creativity(also sacral) Emotional State: Personal Power, Slavery Imbalances: ~difficulty communicating ~difficulty expressing feelings ~indecision(my imbalance as an empath/healer) ~mood swings Physical Imbalances: ~Thyroid problems ~sore throat ~stiff neck ~tooth or gum ailments ~colds ~hearing.. Read More

Tickling… Pleasure? Or Torture?(Solar Plexus Kink)

Tickling… Pleasure? Or Torture? Or Healing?     This question can cause mixed signals… It can go real quick to liking it and laughing, to wanting it to stop and for some it can even be Please! Please! don’t stop I  wanting more.   Laughter has been an age-old tantra practice to help open up, regulate and heal our energy centers also known as our chakras related mostly  to our Solar.. Read More