You & Your Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra I express myself with grace and integrity. I communicate effectively with everyone I meet. Working with the throat chakra helps verbalize our needs, desires, and opinions. Being truthful to self and others. Function: Communication, Creativity(also sacral) Emotional State: Personal Power, Slavery Imbalances: ~difficulty communicating ~difficulty expressing feelings ~indecision(my imbalance as an empath/healer) ~mood swings Physical Imbalances: ~Thyroid problems ~sore throat ~stiff neck ~tooth or gum ailments ~colds ~hearing.. Read More

You & Your 3rd Eye Chakra

The 3rd Eye Your third eye influences self-reflection, intuition, and clarity of sight. The third eye has a connection with the Diamond(clitoris) which is connected to the sacral chakra.     Function: Seeing, Intuition   Imbalances: ~Poor intuition ~lack f concentration ~impaired judgment ~confusion ~depression   Physical Imbalances: ~Headaches ~insomnia ~nightmares ~blindness ~eyestrain ~blurred vision(this also can be due to much sugar in the system that also will affect the.. Read More

You & Your Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus The Solar Plexus is your Power it has a connection with your throat at times which can also be looked at as your will and how you go out and take on the world. Function Will, Power, Assertiveness, Transformation Emotional State Laughter, Joy, Anger Imbalances ~Low Self-Esteem ~Difficulty making decisions ~Control Issues ~Anger Issues ~Fear of Rejection Physical Indicators ~weak digestion ~ulcers ~diabetes ~hypoglycemia ~weight gain ~weight Loss.. Read More