I had just finished showering and retwisting my locs when he messaged me asking if he could come over later tonight. I mean I had just did my hair glass of wine in hand sitting in my recliner in my green room. Hmmm I wasn’t really sure if I was up for any company tonight even tho that glass of wine was talking to me. So in a wine daze I started to reminisce about me and his last late night rendezvous. I remember  he is always so sweet and considered about me wanting the lights out being self consciousness of how my body looks, but this time was much different. He wanted to keep the lights on and suggested I wear my most favorite comfortable pajamas. So of course this sounded weird but fun to me.

So of course I obliged his request He stepped in to my place like he was ready to go out to dinner full suite black with red and white accents. I was feeling self-conscious at this point didn’t need to be naked with the lights on. Then he pulled a box from this bag he brought in and it was gorgeous gold, bronze and teal. Standing in my Spank Me Panties I jumped up and down giddy with pleasure because of course I knew this fabulous box was for me. I was smiling ear from ear then he passed me the box it sorta looked like a treasure chest I opened it and out came a heart shaped paddle and my mouth dropped. I mean just because I was dressed like this doesn’t mean I was going to let him spank me. I mean come on! Right? I wouldn’t really like that… would I? Ok Ok so I put the chest down and gave him the paddle and said ok so now what? He grabbed me by my unicorn bottoms and pulled me towards him, kissing me slowly parting my lips tongue slipping inside my mouth quickly turned me around. At this point my heart was beating faster and I could feel his excitement pressing up against my booty. Wow yea I think I want to see what happens next. What will it feel like? I am slightly nervous as he pulls my pants down revealing my ruffled undies he bends me over the couch and now I am extremely nervous, because dude I know what whoopins feel like! No Go! But this was different he rubbed my booty and then kissed my neck pulled my hair pulling my head back kissed me then pushed me face down into the couch and then SMACK! OMG! OUCH! I said as he kept my head pressed to the couch wait!!!! I’m thinking then I felt my kitty jump then she started throbbing. Did I like it? I think I liked it! Feeling nervous again kinda trying to brace myself for the next paddling. He rubbed his fingers down my back rubbed the place he spanked kissed my purple cheek and then told me not to move. SMACK! I jumped and he grabbed me and said Don’t Move and then another SMACK and tear instantly rolled down my face. He kissed my burning booty chick as if he was two different people one person that wanted to torture me and the other person that was consoling me from what that other guy did. He stood up told me to turn around and said ok, enough of that for tonight he said let’s get another glass of wine and go lay down and look at the stars. I was startled by the phone buzzing and me responding yea come over I can’t wait to see you.🥰

Author~Madame Magi