Love, Intimacy, Wellness, Charisma & Success

Singles, Dating, Couples, Relationships, Intimacy…..

Allow me to help you to attract the relationship you desire and or build a beautiful and strong connection with the love of your life. Charismatic energy(energy that stimulates the senses), laughter, joy and even those emotions that most of us do not like.  With these sessions you can work towards creating all that you ever dreamed of. Also attracting wonderful health by raising your energetic vitality and even bringing into your life success in the way that works perfect for you with using tantra practices!

I offer online sessions with winning results every time…. Single Women ready to Date or Dating and Couples ready to enhance connections are welcome.

Sensual Wellness, Intimacy, and Sex awareness for better health, better love and a better connection.


Online Consulting


4 week Sessions

Inspirational Calls, Text/Emails and Video consulting (could ca include Deep breathing exercises, Meditation, Tantra work and Sensual awakening & adultplay products..)


Level 1

30min Video Consultation ….. 1x a week

Q&A email/text messaging…. 2x a week

Inspirational Call… 2x a month

Level 2

30min Video Consulting… 2x a week

Q&A email/text messaging…  3x a week

Inspiration Calls… 1x a week

Level 3

30min Video Consulting..3x a week

Q&A email/text messaging… Unlimited

Inspirational Calls… 2x a week



ready to align and attract the Life & Love you desire. Heal from any blocks that could be holding you back from your greatest sensual self.


help you enhance your connection hers and his empowerment and open your bedroom up to greater sex and greater intimacy.











*As a Coach I am not a MD and if necessary please contact your healthcare provider for expert advice.