Sacral Chakra Basics….


Unbalanced sacral energy: resentful, guilty, controlling, jealous… addictions, hormone imbalance, impotence, frigidity, uterine bladder or kidney challenges, low back stiffness pain, female reproduction ailments fibroids ovarian cyst etc… depression, fear, pain, withdrawn.

*Having relationship challenges such as cheating, not living your truth in your relationship, abandonment, jealousies, death or loss of a partner in some way can create challenges with this chakra.


Sacral nerves … Sacral ganglion… lower abdomen genitals womb...

challenges… infertility, menstrual problems, digestive problems, anemia.. etc

Those that work in the sensual awakening, sex edu and tantra field may have a strong practice with healing the   sacral chakra
 Its important to express your creativity when healing sacral energy center. Also try dancing moving the hips twerking is a fantastic sacral chakra dance. Also yoga and stretching with the hips and womb in mind, and realizing suppression of sexual energy and desires can close of this energy center as well as cause certain mental emotional and physical ailments. So feel desirable first from yourself and then with that you will attract your outside desires.
 Ovaries, testicles, womb, genitals, kidney, bladder, circulatory system(mammary glands, skin)
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