Astrological Erogenous Zones

Aries– The face and head are especially  sensitive for Aries people, gentle stroking  of the hair and scalp is something they respond to favorably. ♢Brush comb or play with their hair. ♢Nibble ears ♢feather stroking the lips ♢gentle kisses on closed eyelids Taurus- The throat and neck are a Taurus sensitive areas ♢running fingernails lightly  over throat area ♢tracing a line from hairline to the spine ♢kisses to the neck.. Read More

To cum or not to cum… a practice for men

Ok so I have had some questions on how to last longer without ejaculating … think of engaging in whatever exercises best calm you down be that TaiChi, yoga, jogging, weight lifting, soft music, meditation or deep breathing. Before you get close to exploding think of that activity and relax your mind gaining control over your thoughts. Some feel you should think of things that do not excite you sexually but why.. Read More

Spirituality and Sexuality

Spirituality and Sexuality is something that should be taught definitely to those that are ready to learn. Sex is one of the most powerful forms of creation, manifestation and birthing on the planet. Of course most of us know that it is the catalyst to creating human beings but some of us weren’t taught that it is also a catalyst for creating alot of things in our life as well… Read More