sacral work

 Sacral Chakra Basics….   Unbalanced sacral energy: resentful, guilty, controlling, jealous… addictions, hormone imbalance, impotence, frigidity, uterine bladder or kidney challenges, low back stiffness pain, female reproduction ailments fibroids ovarian cyst etc… depression, fear, pain, withdrawn. *Having relationship challenges such as cheating, not living your truth in your relationship, abandonment, jealousies, death or loss of a partner in some way can create challenges with this chakra.   Sacral nerves ….. Read More

Tickling… Pleasure? Or Torture?(Solar Plexus Kink)

Tickling… Pleasure? Or Torture? Or Healing?     This question can cause mixed signals… It can go real quick to liking it and laughing, to wanting it to stop and for some it can even be Please! Please! don’t stop I  wanting more.   Laughter has been an age-old tantra practice to help open up, regulate and heal our energy centers also known as our chakras related mostly  to our Solar.. Read More