Helps diabetics transporting of glucose important in the release of insulin which helps control blood sugar. May help in irregular heart palpations, and reduce cholesterol level. Limiting risk of atherosclerosis and heart disease. Can reduce painful periods reducing back and lower stomach pain..may be enhanced with adding vitamin B6. May reduce premenstrual headaches take 100-200mg magnesium daily. Low magnesium may show signs that include •Weakness •Rapid or irregular heartbeat •Muscle.. Read More

Love(Random Phrases)

 “I just want to have a completely adventurous, passionate, weird life.” ~Jeff Buckley The love its trigger fits already spoken into existence, far beyond infiltration heart makeup, bonding and fondness here we go to the outer boundaries of fear and “tryjectory”~ (the force moving along a path of trying to get control of your focus) and creation exists in the brain and energy centers O that one frequency that turns.. Read More

Spanking Root Chakra Play

  I had just finished showering and retwisting my locs when he messaged me asking if he could come over later tonight. I mean I had just did my hair glass of wine in hand sitting in my recliner in my green room. Hmmm I wasn’t really sure if I was up for any company tonight even tho that glass of wine was talking to me. So in a wine daze I started.. Read More