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To cum or not to cum… a practice for men

Ok so I have had some questions on how to last longer without ejaculating… think of engaging in whatever exercises best calm you down be that TaiChi, yoga, jogging, weight lifting, soft music, meditation or deep breathing. Before you get close to exploding think of that activity and relax your mind gaining control over your thoughts. Some feel you should think of things that do not excite you sexually but why take yourself out of the pleasure zone and risk a limp penis. Taking yourself to a semi relaxed state can calm your sensual stimulating reflexes of wanting to explode… relaxes muscles lowers blood pressure soothes pulse delaying ejaculation.

First things first Know thyself…Know your body as it functions sexually, know at what point you are so overwhelmed sexually that you blow off? What does it feel like when you are at that point of crossing that OMG threshold? Keep track from 1-10 1 being limp 10 being orgasm realizing what a 7-8 feels like because that’s where you are still in control but still feeling wonderful pleasure.

Practice by masturbating…paying attention to what you are feeling get to that 7 mark then stop then pay attention and allow yourself to drop down to a 6 and so on don’t allow yourself  to go all the way down to a 4 or less. At a 5 or 6 and stimulate again while still erect…try to hit a 7 or 8 again then pause. Practice multiple times until you feel you have gotten a hold of things then try with a lover.

Allow your lover to stimulate with their hands letting them know how tight to grip, how fast or slow to go and pay attention to how excited you become. Know when they should stop first time you try this have them stop at a 3 or 4 orgasmic level then next time try a 5 or 6 then later try to go as far as a 7 without leasing.

When you feel comfortable with your love just using their hands try and switch to hand and mouth stimulation always paying attention to your levels of excitement. Then move up the ladder to actual intercourse but try with a least stimulating position where you can control the pace and depth. Practice this as much as you would like using a start stop method Start and stop four times and then the fifth time allow yourself to have an orgasmic release.

Also strengthening the PC muscles pubococcygeus, kegels for men is a way to help last longer in bed. It doesn’t just stop the flow of urine it stops the flow of semen. Phallus flexing some call it, but the process is like you are taking a wiz and someone walks in on you OMG ok stop that flow and then let it go…Stop that flow then let it go! Do this 20 times holding 1sec each time do this exercise 3 times a day for 3wks it can be done anytime any where and can even be done while you are inside your love, but that’s all around another subject. Lol

For the more advanced exercise try

doing 30x.. holding for 10sec ea… 5sec tensing and 5sec releasing

Then when in a self pleasure place and you start to feel an orgasm tense muscles and hold for 10 sec

If muscles are strong enough and timing just right you can stop your ejaculation. Lets not look at it as work fellas lets have fun with it…Practice makes lasting pleasure for you and her, and we all like that Yes?

Till Next time Beloveds


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Spirituality and Sexuality

Spirituality and Sexuality is something that should be taught definitely to those that are ready to learn. Sex is one of the most powerful forms of creation, manifestation and birthing on the planet. Of course most of us know that it is the catalyst to creating human beings but some of us weren’t taught that it is also a catalyst for creating alot of things in our life as well. At least I know that wasn’t something I was taught growing up. Now since most of us weren’t taught this is one of the reasons I feel monogamy was created because if you are not aware of this great power than people cannot and probably wont act responsibly.

So celibacy before monogamy makes sense for those who are not taught who they are early in life or for those that shouldn’t be taught this due to not being able to discipline themselves or due to malicious behaviors. Now being celibate will not stop the attraction and urges we have, and there is nothing wrong with these feelings they are a part of our human make up we release hormones that cause us to feel this way and then the energy we exude attracts those that we match vibrations with.Someone may lack something we can fulfill and vice versa, and this is a calling for evolution for growth. Now how could that feeling ever be something negative… right? Well negativity in this natural process comes forth within the intent of a person and that’s where awareness is definitely important.

 How I feel people should be taught is that in this life you won’t necessarily stay with one person for the rest of your life.. you may have a calling that quick evolution is necessary and I mean necessary not just for self but for human kind and the planet. I mean that’s the reason we are here anyway right? Of course spiritually we are here for others and have the pleasure as well to manifest the life we love. We also may need to be with one person or no one for the same reasons of growth and evolution depending on our purpose in this life.

Now as for manifesting with using sexual energy we don’t necessarily have to have sex and this is important I feel to teach our children who are just starting to learn self and may not be ready for the responsibility of using sexual energy with others just yet. What we can do is when we feel those urges is learn to harness manipulate and use that sensual energy to better ourselves pushing us to help others. That I feel is the first lesson before we actually have sex is to work internally with self. So yes I feel celibacy is definitely first learning to control, cultivate and use that sensual energy not allowing it to use you. When I say use you I mean having urges and just acting on them when it may not be in the best interest of either person for multiple reasons.

As for monogamy I feel that will be different for each person no I do not agree with promiscuity because that may lead to mental illness again not knowing self and allowing sexual energy to control the self. Multiple partners should be for those that are in the practice of disciplining self thru whatever spiritual method they have chosen, and in that form connecting with others could be magical, and as I said before this walk is not for everyone but what is important is to know the heart and to act with wisdom.

Well have a blessed and blissful day…talk to you soon.

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Cervical Orgasm

The Cervix, The Cervix, The Cervix…  O MY!

A question came to me about my experiences with cervical orgasms so I decided to do a Q&A….

My experiences on cervical orgasms are they can be beautiful and very healing. As the pic shows below the cervix is connected to our energy center that vibrates love for others, kindness, self love and a few others that I will talk about at a later date, but the tip of the penis is connected to that heart center too… Spirituality Sexuality and healing of the human body. If we are stimulating the cervix the sensitive tip of the penis is what is causing the stimulation and heart centers are vibing together.

With this being said not only is the heart center being stimulated and in some people the sexual pleasure is heightened but now we are shaking things up in our aura bodies. If he or she or even she and she* has lessons to learn in this place during this lifetime things are going to start to surface, and not necessarily at this very moment but believe me its possible. Feelings of complete bliss, happiness, overwhelming orgasms could take place or even tears, sadness or rejection could happen depending on what the person is going through.

Now please don’t let this deter you from a wonderful experience if this is something you do enjoy but the work that I do is all about sensual awakening. I say this because I enjoy action of sex but it also has propelled me to places that I didn’t innerstand so if you are married or in a long term relationship that is willing to go through the ups and downs with you then awesome if not then having a close friend, tantra consultant, or a therapist is a yes yes yes too.

Here is a short video check it out…


*P.S just because I speak on him and her connections does not mean that I leave out lesbian or gay connections as well. With this particular Q&A it only deals with the female and cervical penetration that can be done alone with a tantric wand/dildo, with a male and female partner using his penis as well as a lesbian couple also using a strap on, dildo, or cervix stimulating toy.

Also for those that would like to be a little more advanced yoni eggs play during this time can enhance the sensation and the healing.

Oh also if you have pain during cervical sex please discontinue, this includes deep penetration with a penis or dildo and wait a couple of days. If it continues please go see your health care provider for further assistance.