This Hindu mantra came to me on a t-shirt one day paying attention to the signs in my life. Now why did this come to me hmmm it was an awareness of praising my higher self. Pouring love into the image of me but just not the image of me but the best image of me the divine Self. So after seeing this t-shirt I decided to do some studying what does this mantra mean Om Namah Shiva and some of what I learned was starting with the meaning or the translation.

Om- “Before there was a universe the vibrationless void of pure existence and out of this void the universe was created.” The void also known as the Nothing as shared in the science fiction fantasy story/movie “The Neverending Story”.

Namah-“ To Bow” to praise to show reverence to.

Shiva- The Hindu God Shiva the innerself, Higher self, Divine Self.

“I bow to my innerself” (Caron, n.d)

So after seeing this sign I started to practice this mantra that lead me to study more in how to use this mantra to connect to my inner self and then adding that to my sensual feminine work that is so natural to me. I would not only practice the mantra I would chant see myself first standing in front of myself and then standing in front of my naked self praising her beauty. Then not only praising her beauty loving what I would see in who I am at this moment tho so much better in the moment I would kiss her caress her and make love to this wonderful aspect of me.

This practice became the praise of my innerself as I saw her as me in this human form as well as a self-love invitation and a guide to my greatest movement. Adding this to my tantra practice (the building of chi my life force in wellness and self-awareness) I am able to grow and be my best self. My Divine self is always sending me signs to follow to not only to walk in my truest form, but to also walk in Universal Oneness.