Mobile Massage and Energy work:





Swedish Massage-

Massage using light but firm pressure sweeping gliding motions for relaxation and stress relief… aromatherapy included with massage.

~$85 Per Session

Sports Massage-

Bodywork catered to athletes and those that weight train. A massage that helps prevent injury through muscle treatment and stretching. Helps with optimal health and recover from sports events, training and injuries.

~Pre-event Massage

~Post-event Massage

~Maintenance Massage

~$120 Per Session

Reflexology Crystal Foot Massage

Using crystals and healing stones to massage the reflexology points on the feet for healing and relaxation.

~$65 Per Session

Swedish Shiatsu Massage-

Swedish Massage using light to firm pressure with thumbs, hands, elbows, knees, or and feet applied to pressure points on the body. Rotating and stretching limbs, joints, pressure points or meridians.

~$100 Per Session

Hot Stone Massage-

Swedish Massage that uses Hot smooth stones that will be applied to meridian points and/or chakra energy centers. Hot/warm stones are also use to give the actual massage for a muscle and body relaxing experience.

(This client session must come to me)

~$110 Per Session

Chakra Crystal Work-

Body Work Using Crystals and stones to help clear chakra blockages and increase energy center vibrations for better Love, Health and Success.

~$85.00 Per Session

Home Feng Shui and In Home Candle work-

Organize your home room by room and light candles for your Success, Love and Health. As well as cleanse energy in your home from any negative energy vibes before you move in or after loss of job, death in family, break ups and more. (can include candle size of your choice, crystals, herbs and more.. pricing may vary) ~ Starting at $75