1. Helps diabetics transporting of glucose important in the release of insulin which helps control blood sugar.
    May help in irregular heart palpations, and reduce cholesterol level. Limiting risk of atherosclerosis and heart disease.
    Can reduce painful periods reducing back and lower stomach pain..may be enhanced with adding vitamin B6.
    May reduce premenstrual headaches take 100-200mg magnesium daily.

    Low magnesium may show signs that include
    •Rapid or irregular heartbeat
    •Muscle cramps
    •Loss of appetite
    •Personality changes

    Magnesium massages can help athletes and weight lifters with muscle tension. Apply oil with elongating stretches.

    Foods with top source of magnesium:
    Cocoa Powder 520mg/4oz
    Sunflower seeds 390mg/4oz
    Pumpkin seeds 270mg/4oz
    All Bran 210mg/4oz
    Peanut Butter 180mg/4oz
    Shredded wheat 130mg/4oz

    Zinc vitamin C and D helps with absorption of magnesium… large amounts of calcium reduces absorption.