Deposit into your Love bank account….

When you love yourself truly love yourself before you get into a relationship with someone else you have so much more to give without giving away what you need to survive. When you are depleted in your spiritual love bank account it shows…you give away until you are depleted and can barely hold on even with life support from the universe. In this spiritual love dehydration you may give away your last in financial resources, emotional resources and even your health resources. No wonder a person starts to fade…fading financially credit bad, bank account at $0, living on the streets if it gets that bad. Giving away your reserves emotionally leads to problems with health causes fatigue, sickness, ailments and hopefully not but also chronic ailments (infertility, miscarriages, uterus issues etc).

So ok we are wanting to bypass all that yes? of course we are. Me you and others have been through enough of these situations so those that haven’t don’t have to right?

It’s all about cleansing those blockages….learning to love yourself and be true to that spiritual love and build back up your spiritual love bank account.

I’ve been there as well multiple times in my life…

I remember one situation where I had just came out of a very toxic relationship and was feeling so empty inside. I had lost everything or better yet I had given up everything and just had gotten back to the point where I was working a good job again had a nice car and lived in an cool ass apartment, but of course I wanted to feel more. I needed that feeling of what I thought was love. Just a feeling of attention, intimacy companionship or something along those lines. So instead of learning to fill up my emotional bank account myself I jumped in with the first dude that had my oooo weee jumping. Now of course this is still a rebound it doesn’t matter how long it had been since my last connection I hadn’t healed my wounds yet. I  wont totally go into the actual details of the relationship here and now but just a little insight into it..

I had to prove my affection even though I was so sure I wore my affection on my sleeve. Who does that proving my love Booo right? So I feel so I do not have to go through this crap anymore and other women don’t either its time for a change…and Now how do we do that you ask because it’s like hey I’ve tried everything lol yeah me too. What you do is you keep working at it because it’s not a 0-100 real quick it’s a progress a never giving up progress…ok yeah we may stop and start and stop and start but slow progress is better than no progress. Something I heard from a wise gentleman slow $ is better than no $…and we all know that’s real! So if you or your girlfriend are going thru a health issue, relationship issue or even a financial issue pass this on because hey its all about paying it forward and the bigger the team the more expansive the healing.

Love ya Much!