Used for yoni/vagina health & fitness stronger muscles, to help get in shape before birth, to control incontinence and for an easier more controlled delivery.  As well as to get back in shape after birth again to create more control of your muscles.

Can help prevention of the uterus dropping added also with controlled breathing and yin visualization.

Oh and last but definitely not least to maximize orgasmic pleasure for you and your honey.

Egg Sizes

Large, medium, small


if never used egg before start off with large egg to start getting a feel for your muscles. I suggest this even if you have done kegels before. This is to get use to disciplining your muscles and egg. 

Has been sexually active and/or has had a baby.


Use medium egg if you have used yoni/kegel eggs/balls before and exercise your muscles, and just not yet ready to move to small egg.


Use small egg if yoni isn’t as wet due to menopause, diet, or some other ailment. If have never had sex or used a menstrual cup or tampon. 

Move to next size egg once one has mastered discipline over egg using birthing exercise and squat push pull workout.


Place in boiling water before 1st use..and any time after that for a thoroughly clean in between times soap and water or adult toy cleaner and soap and water. And air dry or non lint towel… I prefer air dry myself.

if egg did not come with its own string then use no waxed floss.


Lay on back legs bent and spread, legs spread squatting position or legs spread sitting.

Insert large end at lips of yoni/vagina…

Take a deep breath in and release 123 push egg into yoni opening ... repeat the breath and every exhale insert egg/ball until past middle section of yoni, and you are comfortable with a feeling of security of eggs stability.

Egg can be worn during daily activities and while sleeping. Until you have more discipline over egg be aware can possibly come out during a large cough sneeze or while using the bathroom.

Egg will not get lost inside the yoni for your feeling of security if necessary use cord that came with egg or nonwaxed floss to remove.

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Peace, Love & Joy