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Semen Retention

If a man engages in the sex act just once without emitting semen, then his vital essence will become strong. If he does so twice, his hearing and vision will become very clear. If three times, all bodily disease will disappear. If four times, an inner peace will become attached to his spirit. If five times, then his blood circulation will be greatly improved. If six times, his loins will become very strong. If seven times, his thighs and buttocks will increase their power. If eight times, his whole body will become shining and radiant. If nine times, his life expectancy will increase.


So Lets try 21 days of semen retention during “No Nut November”.


Understand that semen retention does not mean you have to practice abstinence or that you have to stop masturbating it’s the process of retaining external release of semen edging and not busting a nut.



If having Challenges keeping an erection try these things..

1st off I suggest he change that diet and get some exercise biggest aspect of erections is blood flow to the penis. More alive Foods and more exercise to stimulate blood flow..  then we have herbs like Ashwagandha ginseng and ginkgo to name a few that will get that sexual energy bumping Siberian ginseng(eleuthero) helps generate more testosterone which men can lose as As they get older… weight lifting helps with testosterone building too. There are foods that are testosterone strong also added zinc to the diet and eating less estrogen or phytoestrogen foods that are contained in Soy products.  Try tantric exercise such as lingam flexing that include breath work as well as a Phallus workout. … I will do a video soon… tho these are a few things to get started.

Ladies make him a juice of ginger root, turmeric, lime and cayenne to get the lymph flowing through out the body. Put these foods in your juicer and then sprinkle to taste the cayenne pepper…. anyone healing should have a juicer I suggest because fresh juice will get things moving the fastest. Now no juicer yet I suggest Go to 1 of those juice places let them make it up for you or you can get all those things in the spice section mix up some hot water honey those spices, Boil them to make a tea, or stick them in your blender.

There are also lubes and toys that will enhance your erection strength during intercourse and/or stimulating the prostate.

If erection challenges persist then see a natural health care professional to get a full body check to rule out any chronic ailments that we may have not been aware of.





*No tips in this document should be considered medical advice due to the author is not a licensed Medical Doctor. Seek the help of a licensed health care professional before making any decisions concerning your health
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Taboo(Random Writings)




Fear of the unknown creating unhealthy boundaries

in the art and zones of fractures

openness creates all that we lay dormant lie dormant lie to feel comfortable

for our bodies create what we feel in reality bounding feelings

jerking, Fucking, Wishing….  Mouth wide open with unspoken desires

desires of the heart and mind

O did I say something you didn’t like? was being myself changing who you came here to be?

Smelling armpits.. hairy sweaty bodies smelling of sweet musk.. Or was it Phunky?

O no was that offensive? My taboo… O I forgot to fly away that’s what it is

Rocking back and forth open focused stars universe and the unknown

My sensuality taking over or maybe Im feeling your lust? Im confused Punch drunk Drunk in Love

or is it I just wan to Fuck!


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  1. Helps diabetics transporting of glucose important in the release of insulin which helps control blood sugar.
    May help in irregular heart palpations, and reduce cholesterol level. Limiting risk of atherosclerosis and heart disease.
    Can reduce painful periods reducing back and lower stomach pain..may be enhanced with adding vitamin B6.
    May reduce premenstrual headaches take 100-200mg magnesium daily.

    Low magnesium may show signs that include
    •Rapid or irregular heartbeat
    •Muscle cramps
    •Loss of appetite
    •Personality changes

    Magnesium massages can help athletes and weight lifters with muscle tension. Apply oil with elongating stretches.

    Foods with top source of magnesium:
    Cocoa Powder 520mg/4oz
    Sunflower seeds 390mg/4oz
    Pumpkin seeds 270mg/4oz
    All Bran 210mg/4oz
    Peanut Butter 180mg/4oz
    Shredded wheat 130mg/4oz

    Zinc vitamin C and D helps with absorption of magnesium… large amounts of calcium reduces absorption.