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Astrological Erogenous Zones


The face and head are especially  sensitive for Aries people, gentle stroking  of the hair and scalp is something they respond to favorably.

♢Brush comb or play with their hair.

♢Nibble ears

♢feather stroking the lips

♢gentle kisses on closed eyelids


The throat and neck are a Taurus sensitive areas

♢running fingernails lightly  over throat area

♢tracing a line from hairline to the spine

♢kisses to the neck

♢gentle biting to the neck and throat


Gemini’s have a sensual sensitivity  in their arms and hands.

♢hand kissing

♢light stroking of the palms

♢licking in between the fingers

♢kissing stroking inside of the arm


The breasts chest and nipples are a turn on for Cancer people.

♢oral play of the nipples

♢massaging nipples between fingers

♢kisses on the chest and breast

♢massaging the breast and chest


Attending to Leo’s  back and spine is a turn on for them.

♢run fingers down spine and along ribs

♢back massage

♢sensual kisses along the spine and back

♢light fingernail tracing down back and back up


Virgo’s are sensually  stimulated in their stomach area, but they expect  a very clean body so a bath or shower together 1st is attractive.

♢kissing  the stomach

♢bellybutton foreplay

♢spraying warm water in this area

♢stroking  from naval to genitals


Libras erogenous area is their lower back and butt.

♢caress lower back while dancing

♢while hugging grab their booty

♢pinching and patting of the booty

♢low back kisses


The genitals are very sensitive for Scorpio and is where sexual is concentrated.

♢licking and kissing of the genitals

♢gentle finger fondling

♢trace around genitals with fingers or tongue.

♢genital anticipation play


The hips and thighs are a turn on for Sagittarius.

♢Caress inner thigh

♢trace fingernails along the hip area

♢nibble the inner thigh up to crease in legs

♢use the whole hand to stroke inner and outer thigh


For Capricorn the erotic area are the knees

♢stroke back of the knees

♢kisses  around the front of the knee as you fondle the back

♢fingernail circles around the knee

♢licking the back of the knees


Aquarius sensitive zones are the calves and ankles.

♢absent mindedly caress the ankle

♢light feather strokes of the ankle and calves

♢kissing and licking of calves

♢fingernail circles around the ankle


The feet are Pisces erogenous  zone

♢fingers lightly in between toes

♢foot massage

♢kissing the top of the foot

♢light strokes to the bottom of the sole

These are the erogenous  zones of the Zodiac…and a few techniques  to play with try these and of course get creative and make up some of your own.

Coming soon Learn the perfect sensual massage for your Zodiac lover.

This is just the tip of the iceberg  when connecting with your beloved. There is so much more to learn.

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Who are you submitting to


First I have to say I am not an expert on BDSM and do not live the BDSM lifestyle fulltime and haven’t in almost 10yrs when I was a sub to my Daddy. This wasn’t really like a 50 shades of grey experience I don’t feel truly Im not sure…. I didn’t see the movie only the spoof with Marlon Wayans in it. Hilarious! Well my story was I was a weak little girl that needed Daddy to take care of her. Daddy took good care of me and I performed his every sexual sensual desire. This was a process that worked for me bonded collared where I knew I was safe and never would be deserted. A feeling of security with an expansion of sexual sensual education. The cleanest way I can describe it if we are wanting to be clean. Lol

So this leads me into a few reasons that people desire a BDSM sub relationship.

1 a feeling of needing security

2 a need to feel like someone else is in charge because of a demanding dominant job…manager CEO etc.

3. And just the good old fashion love of pain and restraint. (Desire to be disciplined)

Me I I think when Im involved in a submissive experience its all 3 of these on any given day. Also, a dominant sub relationship can be unhealthy when people are living in a victim victimizing place. This usually won’t last forever mental, emotional and or physical abuse eventually transforms with it without universal consent. It lasts just as long as a couple is stuck in the growth process pain and strain leads to growth usually if not it leads to trauma. This being said BDSM is a healing energy well in my eyes anyway. So who are you open to submitting to?

Don’t forget to enter the BDSM contest to win the prize pack. Sexy is empowering and doing it together is growth talk to you soon.

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You & Your Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra

I express myself with grace and integrity.

I communicate effectively with everyone I meet.

Working with the throat chakra helps verbalize our needs, desires, and opinions.

Being truthful to self and others.




Communication, Creativity(also sacral)


Emotional State:

Personal Power, Slavery



~difficulty communicating

~difficulty expressing feelings

~indecision(my imbalance as an empath/healer)

~mood swings


Physical Imbalances:

~Thyroid problems

~sore throat

~stiff neck

~tooth or gum ailments


~hearing problems(challenges with energy centers in between the 3rd eye and throat can also be the issue)



Some of the work when healing Throat Chakra issues uses the color Blue



Eat foods that are the color blue

blueberries, kelp, blue currants, dragon fruit I also feel we can get away with blackberries too.



Hermes, Ganga, Sarasvati, All Muses(raising my hand)

Some may not agree but I also add Herukhuti and Maat to this group due to their placement on the tree of life as well as how their energy flows with personal power and self-expression.





One of the exercises I teach for the throat chakra is chanting.


For Intimacy connections to the throat chakra Click Here.



*Available for Healing and Intimacy Consulting online and in person.

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You & Your Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra

I honor the Divine within me and all living things.

The Crown Chakra is our source of enlightenment and spiritual connection to our divine selves,

to every sentient being, and to the energy that creates everything on the planet.







Emotional State:

Bliss, Reaction



~lack of inspiration



~excessive materialism

~lack of spiritual connection





Physical Imbalances:


~sensitivity to light(also 3rd eye)

~Sensitivity to sound

~poor sleep habits


~tension headaches


Some of the work when healing the Crown chakra deals with the color Violet.



No food connected to this Chakra it is nourished with our Spiritual practices. Its foods are…

Meditation, prayer and self-reflection.

With knowing this the crown chakra calls us when we are in spiritual transition finding our way out of a religion going into a religion or when a daily spiritual practice is necessary.



Shiva, Zeus, Allah, Amen








One of the exercises I teach for the Crown chakra is Stilling your thoughts Meditation.

For Intimacy connections to the Crown chakra click here


*Available for Healing and Intimacy Consulting online and in person.



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Om Nama Shiva Om

This Hindu mantra came to me on a t-shirt one day paying attention to the signs in my life. Now why did this come to me hmmm it was an awareness of praising my higher self. Pouring love into the image of me but just not the image of me but the best image of me the divine Self. So after seeing this t-shirt I decided to do some studying what does this mantra mean Om Namah Shiva and some of what I learned was starting with the meaning or the translation.

Om- “Before there was a universe the vibrationless void of pure existence and out of this void the universe was created.” The void also known as the Nothing as shared in the science fiction fantasy story/movie “The Neverending Story”.

Namah-“ To Bow” to praise to show reverence to.

Shiva- The Hindu God Shiva the innerself, Higher self, Divine Self.

“I bow to my innerself” (Caron, n.d)

So after seeing this sign I started to practice this mantra that lead me to study more in how to use this mantra to connect to my inner self and then adding that to my sensual feminine work that is so natural to me. I would not only practice the mantra I would chant see myself first standing in front of myself and then standing in front of my naked self praising her beauty. Then not only praising her beauty loving what I would see in who I am at this moment tho so much better in the moment I would kiss her caress her and make love to this wonderful aspect of me.

This practice became the praise of my innerself as I saw her as me in this human form as well as a self-love invitation and a guide to my greatest movement. Adding this to my tantra practice (the building of chi my life force in wellness and self-awareness) I am able to grow and be my best self. My Divine self is always sending me signs to follow to not only to walk in my truest form, but to also walk in Universal Oneness.