The face and head are especially  sensitive for Aries people, gentle stroking  of the hair and scalp is something they respond to favorably.

♢Brush comb or play with their hair.

♢Nibble ears

♢feather stroking the lips

♢gentle kisses on closed eyelids


The throat and neck are a Taurus sensitive areas

♢running fingernails lightly  over throat area

♢tracing a line from hairline to the spine

♢kisses to the neck

♢gentle biting to the neck and throat


Gemini’s have a sensual sensitivity  in their arms and hands.

♢hand kissing

♢light stroking of the palms

♢licking in between the fingers

♢kissing stroking inside of the arm


The breasts chest and nipples are a turn on for Cancer people.

♢oral play of the nipples

♢massaging nipples between fingers

♢kisses on the chest and breast

♢massaging the breast and chest


Attending to Leo’s  back and spine is a turn on for them.

♢run fingers down spine and along ribs

♢back massage

♢sensual kisses along the spine and back

♢light fingernail tracing down back and back up


Virgo’s are sensually  stimulated in their stomach area, but they expect  a very clean body so a bath or shower together 1st is attractive.

♢kissing  the stomach

♢bellybutton foreplay

♢spraying warm water in this area

♢stroking  from naval to genitals


Libras erogenous area is their lower back and butt.

♢caress lower back while dancing

♢while hugging grab their booty

♢pinching and patting of the booty

♢low back kisses


The genitals are very sensitive for Scorpio and is where sexual is concentrated.

♢licking and kissing of the genitals

♢gentle finger fondling

♢trace around genitals with fingers or tongue.

♢genital anticipation play


The hips and thighs are a turn on for Sagittarius.

♢Caress inner thigh

♢trace fingernails along the hip area

♢nibble the inner thigh up to crease in legs

♢use the whole hand to stroke inner and outer thigh


For Capricorn the erotic area are the knees

♢stroke back of the knees

♢kisses  around the front of the knee as you fondle the back

♢fingernail circles around the knee

♢licking the back of the knees


Aquarius sensitive zones are the calves and ankles.

♢absent mindedly caress the ankle

♢light feather strokes of the ankle and calves

♢kissing and licking of calves

♢fingernail circles around the ankle


The feet are Pisces erogenous  zone

♢fingers lightly in between toes

♢foot massage

♢kissing the top of the foot

♢light strokes to the bottom of the sole

These are the erogenous  zones of the Zodiac…and a few techniques  to play with try these and of course get creative and make up some of your own.

Coming soon Learn the perfect sensual massage for your Zodiac lover.

This is just the tip of the iceberg  when connecting with your beloved. There is so much more to learn.