Taboo(Random Writings)

      Fear of the unknown creating unhealthy boundaries in the art and zones of fractures openness creates all that we lay dormant lie dormant lie to feel comfortable for our bodies create what we feel in reality bounding feelings jerking, Fucking, Wishing….  Mouth wide open with unspoken desires desires of the heart and mind O did I say something you didn’t like? was being myself changing who you.. Read More

Life/Love/Sex after commitment

  Life/Love/Sex after Commitment Q&A What do you do to spice things up in your relationship after being in a committed monogamous relationship for years? Seems that now that me and my husband live together that all we really talk about is household needs, bills and how was your day blah blah blah… Don’t get me wrong my husband is my favorite man and he is super hot and no.. Read More